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Survey Reveals Importance of Live Streaming.

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

A survey conducted by has revealed the importance of live streaming to marketing professionals.

The 15-question survey was conducted to help establish some benchmark data about how executives from consumer product brands and retailers use and value live streaming video for their business. Over 200 executives responded to the survey.

Some of the findings may surprise you:

  • Executives most value live video’s unique ability to add an authentic human element to digital communication, relating to three of the top five benefits identified by respondents. This, along with other advantages, such as creating new video content for re-purposing later and enabling real-time audience interaction, is expected to lead to increased use by product brands and retailers in 2016/2017.

  • Brands and retailers are leveraging the power of live streaming video for a greater variety of use cases than has been reported previously. The results identify over 10 different use cases.

  • 44% of the executives surveyed said they held a live streaming video event in 2015. 20% plan to test live streaming video for the first time in 2016/2017.

They were asked about the importance of branded live streaming video as part of their overall marketing mix in 2016, 39% of the respondents said it will be “important,” and 20% said it will be “very important.” Nearly a quarter of respondents said the money allocated for live streaming video will increase in 2016/2017.

Based on the survey results, it’s clear that many consumer product brands and retailers are exploring live streaming video as a new digital communication channel. With live video, they are interacting with their employees, partners and consumers in a new way that is authentic, engaging and scalable. Read the full survey here.


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