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Rundown Studio - A Must For Slick Events


Rundown Studio is a specialised run-of-show tool designed for the seamless production of events. It provides a platform for your entire team to collaborate effectively and maintain focus on the event’s flow and schedule.


Rundown Studio Example

We have been using Rundown Studio for a while and most recently we used it to run a two day business event in London. Elite Business Live 2024 required our team to be placed around a large London hotel.

The software allowed us to do all of the following;

  • Sound mic rigger was able to notify the sound engineer when mics were rigged on panellists.

  • AV team had a slimmed down view to see when things were coming up and if there were any changes to timings.

  • Hotel catering team could get up to the minute timings on coffee and lunch breaks.

  • Presenters and on stage speakers had a simpler version showing 'now and next' content with a large countdown timer on their comfort monitors.

  • The event organiser used the software to trigger bringing the panelists from the green room in one part of the building to side stage.

  • Director used the software to run the whole show allowing him to have notes on media to play and lower thirds.

  • The camera operators were able to use the panelist images to identify who was who on stage.

One person was able to quickly update this software reducing the need for printed spreadsheets.

"Previously we had just printed out a running order which is nearly always out of date the moment it's printed. We wanted a greener and more efficient solution where the view could be customised for the individual user and their needs. Rundown Studio was the only option for us. It made the whole show run so smoothly." outlines Tom Sykes, the shows video director.

We made a video of the first part of the show which we hope showcases how it works.

The software was co-developed by John Barker from Here To Record. John is well known on YouTube and to the live streaming community. We also use his H2R Gear cloud software to technically plan our webcasts.



Rundown Studio offer various packages from free to yearly. You can even pay for just ten days of access, ideal for a single event. Get 10% off a yearly plan with our special discount code REF1H5J

Try it today for a smoother live stream.


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