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Elite Business Live 2024 - London Webcast Company

London webcast event streaming company

Elite Business Live 2024 - London webcast company.

Last week we broadcast Elite Business Live from St.Paul's in London. This was our fifth year working with the event organiser and the fantastic presenters Oli Barrett and Hannah Prevett.

The two day business event is made up of a main stage which hosts keynote speakers and panel discussions and also a breakout room which delivered seven talks.

Elite Business Live 2024 - London Webcast Company

We webcast both the main stage content, the breakout room and a backstage interview area.

London live streaming company - streamworks

In total we were webcasting for 23 hours to a global audience.

We provided three cameras in the main room and one in the backstage area. This was all mixed live by our vision mix operator and produced / directed by our in-house video director. We also supplied the full PA system and all sound.

We also welcomed remote panel contributors from around the world who connected to the event via our vision mixer and were then placed on the 4m LED wall built into the set.

The breakout room was a self contained set-up with a vision mixer and operator.

We used over 2km of audio & video cables, recorded 94 hours of content using a terabyte of storage. All our batteries are recyclable and the event was paper free. We used cloud based Rundown Studio software to run the show.

We transmitted all content to Vimeo via our rock solid LiveU solo range of video encoders. These utilise multiple connections, a process called bonding, this insures there is plenty of redundancy in case the venues internet connection was to drop out. This is always our approach.

Scott English, Founder of Elite Business Live says, 'I'm immensely proud of our partnership with StreamWorks.

Their expertise in webcasting technology has consistently elevated Elite Business Live to new heights, and this year's broadcast from St. Paul's in London was no exception. StreamWorks allowed us to seamlessly deliver 23 hours of engaging content to a global audience, ensuring that our message reached every corner of the world. Their commitment to quality and reliability is unmatched, as evidenced by the flawless execution of our main stage presentations, breakout sessions, and backstage interviews.' 


One of the breakout talks here. A main stage talk here.

Delve behind the scenes to see how we live streamed this event. To manage the amount of videos, name titles and the busy schedule we used Rundown Studio this is cloud-based software for collaborative show and event planning, cueing, and directing. If you sign up for a yearly sub use our code REF1H5J for a 10% discount!!

You can see more about the event here.

If you would like to talk about us broadcasting your event please do get in touch.


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