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Omicron Virus - Protect your event with live streaming

Updated: Mar 24

Omicron Virus - live stream your event

The Covid 19 pandemic saw thousands of events around the globe cancelled costing the organisers millions.

The latest variant Omicron, which has come from Africa, could not be covered by the existing covid vaccine.

The last thing we want businesses to do is cancel events, just as things have started again.

There is an alternative...

Large elements of the event including keynote speeches and presentations can still be shared with your invited audience, just via the medium of live streaming direct to their office of living room.

Not only does this allow you to still deliver your speakers key messages it also allows you to interact with the guests remotely and share advertisers messages. It's also greener for the planet. A recent event we live streamed saved over 70 tonnes of carbon.

Throughout Covid we have broadcast a range of events from fully virtual to hybrid events. See more here.

Don't let any virus get in the way of your event, build live streaming into your event plan from the start and safeguard all your hard work.

Discover more about our live broadcasting services here.


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