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YouTube Updates Live Streaming Platform

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Live streaming London

YouTube has recently released a few new features for its live streaming offering. These are aimed at making YouTube Live more functional and easier to use.

Reduced Latency

Live streaming to YouTube with solo16 can now be even faster with the addition of ultra-low latency that will lower streaming video latency down to just a few seconds. Latency is the time it takes for the pictures to be received and broadcast by YouTube from the sending destination. Historically this has been around 30 seconds making two way discussions and any real audience interactivity rather difficult.

As of 10/9/17 using the reduced latency comes at a cost as the DVR (YouTube's instant live recording of your broadcast allowing later viewers to scrub back up to 4 hours and watch), closed captions, and 4k resolutions are not available when the mode is switched on. YouTube does however still record the broadcast for post event viewing.

We have run a test of the ultra low latency and can report it's just 3 seconds.

Simplified Chat Moderation

Chat modification has also been made much easier. Live streaming providers now have the ability to pause the chat feed by pressing “alt/option”. This allows them to check the messages in the feed and either remove any offensive or inappropriate messages or approve any messages. Live stream providers can also now enable a feature that aims to send inappropriate messages for review prior to publication. The system has the ability to learn users preferences, so it can identify any messages that could be deemed inappropriate before users can identify them themselves.

solo16 provide a range of live streaming solutions for all size companies. From a simple single camera live webcast to a full multi-camera event.

Give us a call to discuss how we can make your event reach a global audience.


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