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Where To Host Your Live Streamed Event - Bespoke Webpage vs. Zoom / Teams

Where to host a live streamed event - streamworks

The choice of where to host the event StreamWork's are broadcasting for you depends on various factors.

A dedicated branded webpage could offer you specific advantages. We explore these below.


StreamWorks page: A bespoke webpage designed by StreamWorks allows for meticulous control over branding and user interface design, ensuring a consistent and personalised experience in alignment with the event's theme or brand. Colour schemes and fonts can be used to match those on your website. There are very few limits on what is possible.

Other video conferencing platforms: Some customisation is offered on the higher premium plans like brand colour and logo etc but this is mainly restricted to paid plans.


StreamWorks page: Events are broadcast in full high definition, normally with multi-cameras and crystal clear audio. The presenters are well lit and the picture quality sent to the video content delivery network (Vimeo) is bonded using multiple broadband connections providing 100% reliability.

Other video conferencing platforms: These platforms use very low video and audio data bitrates which results in the contributors often looking and sounding poor. Often the users webcam's are old and the colour, contrast and lighting let them down. Does broadcasting your event this way really represent your brand?


StreamWorks page: A bespoke event webpage offers the flexibility to incorporate specialised features and functionalities tailored to your event's unique requirements, such as interactive elements, custom chat options, specialised multimedia content and downloads via PDF's.

Other video conferencing platforms: These platforms offer the viewers the ability to raise their hand to ask a question, share their screen etc. The higher paid for plans also allow for polls and quizzes.

Example of a bespoke event webpage from StreamWorks
Example of a bespoke event webpage from StreamWorks


StreamWorks page: StreamWorks' dedicated webpages provide more options for interactive elements and audience engagement, allowing for creative ways to involve participants beyond the capabilities of standard video conferencing tools. These could be word clouds, interactive polls and downloadable PowerPoint slide decks. This content is often also mixed into the broadcast meaning it's all viewable to the audience.

Other video conferencing platforms: Chat window, screen sharing. The higher paid for plans also allow for polls and quizzes, they are fairly limited.


StreamWorks page: Most viewers expect to be able to view broadcast events on demand later the same day or in the future. A bespoke webpage from StreamWorks can be left online for months or even years.

Other video conferencing platforms: Most of these platforms allow the admin to record the event which they can download later. The quality of this is limited and the admin then has to re-upload this to their website.


StreamWorks page: With StreamWorks' dedicated event webpages, organisers have complete control over the content, ensuring it is not subject to the terms and conditions of third-party platforms and addressing intellectual property considerations. The team at StreamWorks can edit this page instantly, even during the event if need be.


StreamWorks page: StreamWork's dedicated webpages offer superior scalability, accommodating a large number of attendees without the limitations on cost or bandwidth.

Other video conferencing platforms: The event admin has to decide in advance how many people may attend and they pay per user. 500 viewers for example on Zoom Events would cost £925 (Price correct on 27/11/23).


StreamWorks page: StreamWorks' dedicated webpages provide very detailed analytics on viewers. Their location, viewing time and viewing device etc.

Other video conferencing platforms: Zoom and Teams offer varying audience analytics but these generally cost.


StreamWorks page: The cost of a bespoke event page from StreamWorks depends on the size of the event you're broadcasting with them. In many case the page may well be included if the event is large enough. The cost starts from £450 + vat. These pages can be used multiple times if you have a series of events.

Other video conferencing platforms: This will largely depend on the functionality you require. In order to mirror the service of StreamWorks you would be looking at £555 for an event on Zoom events with around 300 viewers. 500 viewers would cost £925 (Price correct 27/11/23). There is no page legacy offered with these services.

Established platforms like Zoom or Teams do come with advantages, including ease of use, familiarity, built-in features, reliability, and widespread accessibility but they lack overall branding control, higher quality picture and audio and a slick combined place for the viewer to enjoy the event.

The decision between a dedicated webpage from StreamWorks and video conferencing platforms depends on the specific needs and goals of your event.

Contact StreamWorks to discuss your event and they can advise the best platform to host the broadcast.


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