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StreamWorks Broadcast Insurance Law Global Spectrum

Updated: Mar 9

Last week two of our London live streaming team broadcast the Insurance Law Global Spectrum 2022 at the America Square Conference centre in the City of London.

Insurance Law Global (ILG) is a multi-jurisdictional network of like-minded independent insurance defence law firms.

The seven hour event welcomed physical guests and we brought in virtual keynote speakers from across the globe.

Live streaming events company London

We created a web page for virtual viewers to enjoy the event. This was hosted on our dedicated event website. This page was themed to match the clients website and included an embedded window for questions and the event schedule.

London Live Streaming

The venue handled all the audio and we provided two cameras, graphics and a Vision Mixer / Director.

Our Video Editor then chopped up all the talks allowing for them to be re-purposed by the speakers.

If you're looking to live stream your event please do give our team a call.


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