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Love Canned Food Instagram Festival with StreamWorks

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Working with a Global PR firm we advised, shot, edited and streamed the first Love Canned Food Festival for a multinational food company.

The four day event was broadcast live by our team on the various Instagram brand channels including Branston and Bachelors.

We had previously worked with the PR firm on another project and this time they wanted us to create and live stream to the various Instagram accounts.

For the introduction clips we filmed in their fantastic new kitchen in Liverpool with event host and TV Chef Phil Vickery.

We set up lighting and sound and obviously had to be very mindful of social distancing.

Phil cooked one of his recipes and was a joy to work with.

As his content was pre-recorded we supplied a monitor for Phil to see himself in the 9:16 aspect ratio that we would be broadcasting in.

This allowed him to ensure he did not move things out of frame. We also recorded an 'as live' conversation between him and another chef which again they could both view at the time of recording.

Our Motion Designer created a lovely animated countdown sequence for the start of the broadcasts as well as lower thirds and a transition.

Our Photographer captured general shots for the PR team and our Editor then created all the edits including ones suitable for IGTV.

This was a really good example of multiple creatives coming together and delivering a technically challenging project. We film everything in 16:9 widescreen so adapting to shooting in the rotated aspect ratio was a little challenging.

The client was very happy with the results and is hoping to run the festival again next year.

“StreamWorks were crucial for the delivery of our event. From the beginning, they provided the right guidance on how we should conduct the Festival and were always responsive and available to counsel us on the technical production aspects. They have the expertise we needed to feel confident about running our first-ever virtual event. It was incredibly useful and critical having StreamWorks on board for the project – we couldn’t have done it without them!”

You can see the first broadcast here which includes the 5 minute countdown timer. Check out the Love Canned Food Instagram page here.

Festival highlights can be seen below.


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