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Live Streaming with Hopin - Virtual Events

Updated: Apr 2, 2023


We work with a number of virtual event providers that provide detailed and fully bespoke platforms.

The latest 'of the shelf' solution is Hopin which is fast becoming a very popular platform for our clients.

As a platform it lacks a lot of the bespoke features but does provide areas for networkings, seminars and exhibition booths and is quick to set up an event. Watch a quick guide to Hopin here.

Video Streaming

We professionally broadcast from your venue with decent quality audio, lighting and cameras and can feed this right into the Hopin platform and your virtual event.

Alternatively we can live mix one to many contributors from their homes using their webcams directly into the platform. Hopin is currently limited to 720HD quality but that still delivers a very nice picture.

Streamworks bring your Hopin event alive with a mix of pre-recorded videos, live contributors, music and graphics.

If you're new to virtual events we can even set up and manage the whole Hopin event for you....

Contact us today to discuss how StreamWorks can help you deliver a slick event....


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