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How To Promote Your Virtual Event Live Stream

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Digital events from streamworks

Have you booked your virtual or hybrid event with us? If so it's now time to focus on how it will be promoted.

Unlike terrestrial TV, live streaming does not have a captive audience sprawled out on their sofa waiting to watch your event.

By live streaming your event you have the perfect opportunity to increase brand awareness, engage your target audience and grow your online followers/customers.

It's now time to work on the promotion.


  • Prepare a suitable hashtag - Check it's not already in use. Hashtags help you amplify the conversation and create a buzz.

  • Decide where best to share your stream. - Where are all your followers? Where do you need to grow your audience? Streaming to multiple platforms may be the best way to increase the reach and talk to your audience.

  • Promote the stream on all your social media channels - Your blog and in any newsletters. Not just once but as part of a scheduled campaign.

  • Consider video teasers/trailers - Video and images achieve 40% more engagement. TV companies run trailers so why aren't you?


  • Put the online audience at the heart of your streams - Be interactive. Listen and engage with the viewers. Most social media platforms allow for live polling, use this to gauge what they want to see more of. Answer their questions quickly and they are more likely to stay watching. Get them involved as much as possible.

  • Boost your posts - Both Facebook and Twitter allow you to boost posts. We have found that promoting the stream post's increases the viewership massively. It obviously depends how much you spend, the more you spend the greater your reach.

  • Send another newsletter or email - As you go live promote again to your subscribers or clients via email.


  • Live streams have a legacy - Just like a TV show, your stream will be watched over and over after the event has ended and will go on selling you and your event. Go back and change the stream descriptions online to suit the post event viewers.

  • Promote top engagers - Find some of the top messages or people who engaged with the event and promote, thank them. They are more likely to come back if they feel valued.

  • Strike while the iron is hot - You have gone to all this effort to attract the viewers so ensure you follow this up with regular social media posts, newsletters etc.

Our team can work with you on best practices around all these topics if required.

We will create a polished live stream for you, but it's down to you to promote them!


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