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Large elements of your event including keynote speeches and presentations can still be shared with your invited audience, just via the medium of live streaming direct to their office of living room.

Not only does this allow you to still deliver your speakers key messages it also allows you to interact with the guests remotely and share advertisers messages. It's also greener for the planet. A recent event we live streamed saved over 70 tonnes of carbon.

Our live video streaming team are all television broadcast professionals. We're able offer this high quality webcasts at a price that is affordable to most corporate budgets.

Have a look at some of our recent projects here. 

Insurance Law Global



To webcast a hybrid event in London.

The stream was a mixture of physical speakers in the room and live remote speakers from around the globe. 


2 x Cameras, 1 x Camera Operator, 1 x Vision Mixer / Director, 1 x remote call handler, Sound Engineer 

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Elite Business LiveHybrid Event


To wecast a two day hybrid business event in London with a separate breakout room stream and live backstage area. 


The event saw a range of people dialling in from around the globe and they were all technically tested first.

Bestway Retailer Awards


To stream a hybrid awards show event to Zoom.

The stream was a mixture of pre-recorded content and live content from a mock studio that we would set up at the clients office in Crewe. Fully covid safe. 

Help For Heroes - Virtual Event


To live stream the "Virtually All Together" internal conference fully remotely. And to create a dedicated client web event page. 


The event saw a range of people dialling in from home and all these people had to be technically tested first.


We also welcomed Gareth Southgate, England Football Manager to the conference. He took part in a motivational chat.

Social Worker Awards - Hybrid Event


To stream a hybrid event in London that gave a nod to the charities normal black tie public event. 

The stream was a mixture of pre recorded content and live content from a mock studio that we would set up in a London hotel. 

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