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StreamWorks Broadcasts Fire Brigades Union DECON Campaign

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

StreamWorks Broadcast Fire Brigades Union campaign launch

Earlier this month we were invited to broadcast the launch of the DECON campaign working though PR agency People.

The Fire Brigades Union had been working hard to understand the link between fire contaminants and cancer, and to protect firefighters and their families from this risk. We were brought in to live stream the launch of this campaign at fire station in Essex.

It was clear from the outset that the client wanted this to feel real and not staged in a TV studio so the decision was made to stage it in a real fire station, the audience were firefighters after all!.

The station was operational throughout the filming window from set-up to going live so we had to ensure we planned for this in the way the live was crafted and staged.

We provided a three camera setup and a mammoth amount of lighting all craftily lit by Lighting Cameraman Tim Read. He had to overcome very high windows and the fact that the space was so vast.

Good quality sound was another consideration as we were not only in a large echoic space but also sandwiched between two major roads. Our Sound Engineer Toby opted for DPA's 6066 head mics. They were great and were almost invisible on the guests.

People, the agency we worked with, were great fun and they said this about the service we provided "StreamWorks brought a great amount of experience to the live stream. Filming in an active fire station brought with it and number of challenges, and their team did really well to overcome these. The broadcast was a great success, thank you to all involved."

The stream was just under an hour in length and can be seen below and you can read more about this important research here.


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