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Help For Heroes Cut The Clock Campaign with StreamWorks

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

London live streaming company

Yesterday was Blue Monday and armed forces charity Help For Heroes launched the Cut The Clock campaign at the Tower Of London.

Cut The Clock is designed to help call time on Mental Health Stigma as a recent study has shown it to took Veterans four years to reach out for mental health support.

The launch consisted of a Q&A with veterans and then the projection of a Stigma clock on the side of the Tower Of London.

We have previously worked with Help for Heroes by providing their first ever live web stream.

​Like all charity work the budget was limited and they requested a single camera vision mixed solution and they wanted to stream to two platforms.

No internet connection could be provided at the Tower of London as we were outside their boundary so bonding was essential when planning the job. We used our portable Vision Mixer and provided an Operator. We simulcast to both Help For Heroes Facebook and YouTube pages.

Help for Heroes had never professionally streamed before so this was a first for them. They really loved the live experience and it opened up the event to thousands of extra viewers who watched live.

Want to broadcast your event or talk? Contact us today to discuss our affordable live streaming options.


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