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We love live streaming live events with multiple cameras. 

Our creative team ensure we capture the feeling of being at your gig or stage show. 

We mix these cameras live including any pre shot video that you may have & wish to include. We can supply as many or as few cameras as you require with or without camera operators. Not sure how many cameras you may need?

Have a read here. 

Mixed and fed to screens and or live streamed to the world

Our live mixed content can then be webcast on a screen in the venue and or live streamed as well as being recorded for instant delivery after your event. 

We can be as involved as you need in the planning and will put together a package that suits your specific event, just give us a call. 

See a range of general multi-camera examples here but a few of our favs can be seen below.



Optional extras:

Big screen hire 

'On demand' Multiple clip edits

Overnight highlights edit

Camera Crane

Event Photographer

Social Worker Awards - Hybrid Event


To webcast a hybrid event in London that gave a nod to the charities normal black tie public event. 

The stream was a mixture of pre recorded content and live content from a mock studio that we would set up in a London hotel. 

Bestway Retailer Awards


To webcast a hybrid awards show event to Zoom.

The stream was a mixture of pre-recorded content and live content from a mock studio that we would set up at the clients office in Crewe. Fully covid safe. 

Solo Dance Performance


Faced with having to cancel many of their performances due to the Covid19 pandemic Pavilion Dance South West contacted us for help.

The digital team wanted to create an online performance at their theatre in Bournemouth, Dorset. ​

Chilli Eating Competition


The Chilli Fiesta is very popular and combines stands selling Chilli related produce with live music and the famous 'Clash of Titans' Chilli Eating Competition. In previous years our client had attempted to live stream the competition from a mobile phone but due to saturated 4G connectivity at the very popular event this has always failed. We brought in an Outside Broadcast van with dedicated satellite connection to solve this. 

Winter Wonderland Christmas Light Switch-on


Working with Chippenham BID company for the third year in a row to create a highlights video of the event, have multi-cameras providing vision mixed relay for two large screens and live broadcast the light switch on and staged event on their Facebook page. See the full brief here

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