Stream the event yourself using your smartphone or tablet directly

to a bespoke web page created by our team.  



We supply the tech support. It's a lot easier than you might think...

Live stream your own event

Stream using a smartphone or tablet

Run as many tests before the event as you like

You control the content

Stream from as many locations as you need

Smart Phone Outline
DIY Live streaming
Tablet Outline
Do It Yourself Livestreaming

We design the private bespoke web page on our dedicated unbranded website for your event. Example.

Page optimised for viewing on smartphones,

tablets and computers.

Unlimited viewers possible, worldwide.

Optional post event video editing.

stream your own event



1) A fairly new smartphone/tablet running the latest version of the operating system.

2) Access to the Apple iOS or Android app store to download the app. 

3) A strong WIFI or 4G/5G signal at each location you wish to stream from. You can check the 4G coverage at each venue by using this website. It would be wise to physically visit and check as well. 

4) A charger for your phone/tablet and a fully charged battery. 

5) We suggest an inexpensive tripod and phone holder.

This will keep the shot nice and steady and at a decent height. Here is one we would suggest

how to stream your own event




Once you're happy with the app we design your event page.


We can match your font, colour scheme and add email forms, PDFs and web links. See an example here.

There really isn't a lot we can't do on the page. 

We host the page on our unbranded website.

We will email you a step-by-step guide to show you how to download the app and how to add your unique event code.

We also have simple-to-follow video guides. Once it's installed you will be able to go live on your event page. 




When you're happy with everything you share the event web page with your viewers. 

When you press the GO LIVE button you event is broadcast to your audience. 

Our system makes a recording of your stream which you can download afterwards,

you can also record on the device as well if you have enough space.

You can start and stop the stream as often as you want. While you're not on air your viewers will just

see a blank screen. If you would prefer for a managed service where we add videos,

holding slides and music etc please speak to us.

Your page will stay live for at least 3 months after the event date (Longer by agreement).

do it yourself webinar


1) You're in full control of your

event and what you share with the viewers.

2) You can stream from many locations including a walking parade or transition from one building to another without a break in transmission. 

3) We're experts in live streaming and often work in TV broadcast. We have years of experience in this sector.

4) We ensure your broadcast is only shared with the people you want to view it.

5) Playing music through the free providers often results in the stream being stopped or muted due to copyright grounds. This is often done with little to no warning. We ensure this does not happen on our platform. 



Make your broadcast look more professional by going via our remote team who will add holding slides, music, video and PowerPoint slides into the broadcast.

We can even add other streams from smartphones.  

Editing - We can edit your content post event. 

Want to broadcast a whole series of events this way? Ask about our full event service. 



Giving a talk? Try a plug in lapel mic like this

Use a tripod like this for smoother shots. 


Streaming from remote locations without hiring a broadcast professional and bonded equipment can be difficult,

especially if tests are not conducted. 


This service works very well in the right hands and in the right location, but it's obviously not the same as hiring an expert. 

If you have concerns over your technical skillset or limitations of the venue you plan to stream at,  then consider hiring us to broadcast your event. 


Is this reliable? What about poor 4G/5G/WIFI signal?

The quality of the 4G/5G and or the venues WIFI is the only real thing you need to check. A phone network may show the 4G/5G icon on the phone but the actual speed may not be great. We would strongly advise that you go to each venue you wish to stream from and do a test. If there is WIFI available you can test this also. We provide a step-by-step to guide you through this. Ultimatley this service is only as good as the connection and the risk for this is yours.

What about the sound? Will it be any good just using a phone or tablet?

Microphones on phones have got a lot better over the years. You can buy an external microphone to plug into the phone or tablet if you want to but the best way to test the sound is to record some video at the location and play it back. You always want to place the phone or device as close to the people speaking as possible, ideally on a tripod. The sound will never be as good as one of our team recording it.

Is the stream recorded?

Yes everything you stream is recorded at our end. This is then available for you to download after the event. Every time you stop and start stream it creates its own recording.

Is the app/software easy to use?

Yes very easy. Once you have added the code we need, which the app/software will remember then you just press GO LIVE and you're done. Our step-by-step guide will talk you through it.

Do I have to use a tripod or stand?

No but the shots will look a lot more professional if you keep the device steady.

What locations can I stream from?

Anywhere you have a good 4G/5G or WIFI signal.

What do the viewers see when I stop streaming?

This depends how you want to plan your event. If you're just starting once and then stopping for say a talk then that's all they would see. If you start and stop then they will see a black screen when you are 'off air' unless you use our managed service.

What's your managed service?

Make your broadcast look more professional by sending your stream via our remote team who will add holding slides, music, video and PowerPoint slides into the broadcast. When you stop streaming we can show a holding image or play a video until you're ready to stream again. Just tell us what you want to see and when... We can even add other streams from smartphones.

What does it cost?

This depends on how much work is needed to create your event page. It can be as little as £150 plus VAT.