We offer a range of funeral streaming options for Funerals, Memorials and Crematorium Services. 





We don't use GoPro Cameras or ipads.

You have probably found this page at a very difficult time and we aim to do all we can to make this process as easy as possible. 

You're contemplating having the funeral service live streamed online and our expert team are here to help.

Filming a funeral service can help to remember those most precious memories and also share them with relatives and friends who live across the globe and are unable to attend the service or memorial. Most recently this has been due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

Below you can see a range of services to suit the needs of most. Everything can be tailored to your exact requirements.




​This package is simple and our most popular. 

1 x fixed position camera.

1 x Professional Camera Operator.

Broadcast to a bespoke password protected web page. See example here

'They couldn't do enough to help, working with me over the weekend and ensuring every detail was covered.' - Debbie Smyth

"The livestream was beyond my imagining. Your organisation and helpfulness made everything straightforward. The video is fantastic, and the recorded music came over really well" - Sue 


2 x fixed position cameras. *

1 x Professional Camera Operator. *

1 x Live stream Engineer/vision mixer.


Broadcast up to two destinations. *

Start and end slides. 

Broadcast to a bespoke password protected web page. See example here

* More can be added subject to extra fee. 

Two cameras allows us to have

a wide shot or alternative angle of the venue as well as the main operated camera that can be reframed when the viewer is watching the wide shot.

'The filming and production was superb and the quality of the live stream was outstanding. This is certainly a company I would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone looking

for quality filming services at a highly competitive price.' - Carl Tamboli


2 x fixed position x cameras. *

1 x roving camera.

2 x Professional Camera Operators. *

1 x Live stream Engineer/vision mixer.

Broadcast up to two destinations. *

Start and end slides. 

Broadcast to a bespoke password protected web page. See example here

* More can be added subject to extra fee. 

Two cameras allows us to have a wide shot or alternative angle of the venue as well as the main operated camera that can be reframed when the viewer is watching the wide shot. The roving camera is mobile so can capture the arrival and departure and move around the church. 


A bespoke password protected web page for you to share with your virtual guests that includes the embedded broadcast.

This can include your order of service. See example here. 

Two radio lapel mics to capture sound or we can use the venues sound system if suitable. 

We use our own 4G bonded internet connection to broadcast. This uses 5 x 4G mobile sim cards and the venues WiFi connection if available which means we connect with up to 6 X connections., this provides resilience and a back up. 

(Subject to suitable 4G being available)

Broadcasted video available to download and keep via a link with the online version available for at least 12 months. 

Suitable for both church funerals, crematoriums* and natural burials. (*Time permitting) 

Requires a minimum 10 minute set up time prior to ceremony starting. 

Unlimited online viewers and mobile friendly. 


Extra cameras and operators, if package allows. 

Playing of animated tribute gallery or video prior or during the ceremony. 

Extra mics, audio desk & Sound Engineer or a full PA Sound System with Engineer.

Interactive Zoom audience and 75 inch TV with Engineer. 

Small satellite dish for connectivity where WIFI or 4G is not strong enough. 


All our crew are TV broadcast professionals.


We stream for a living, not as a sideline or add on service like many others. 

Broadcast reliability is at the heart of our business using bonded 4G broadcast encoders to stream the service. 

We use full sized HD broadcast cameras with telephoto HD lenses. 



Costs are based on a maximum 3 hours on site. 

We will require parking for up to two cars at the venue. 

Written filming permission must be given by the venue conducting the service and supplied to us in advance. 

Internet provided by us is not guaranteed. Whilst it's normally not an issue, if the signal drops or is not sufficient we will broadcast the

service live at the next available opportunity. 


All work undertaken is subject to our Terms & Conditions which can be seen here

Frequently asked questions


How do we watch the live stream?

We create a page on our website and send you the login details. On this page you will see your loved one's name and the live video window. There will be further instructions on this page for viewing. If you wish you can add a personal message here from the family to the viewers.

Can we watch the stream on a mobile device?

Yes we use the Vimeo platform to broadcast so the video can be seen on any device as long as you have the hidden web address.

How do we know that the public are not watching the stream?

The live stream is locked down to your loved ones page on our website. Only people on that page can view the broadcast.

The venue does not have any internet so how do you connect?

We use TV grade bonded video equipment which means we merge 5 x 4G mobile sim cards together to get a nice speed to broadcast with. We do need a healthy amount of 4G at the area we are broadcasting at but we can look into that at the time of ordering.

What if there is no mobile phone coverage at the venue?

In this instance we would bring in a small satellite dish, normally mounted on a vehicle. This guarantees a connection anywhere. However there are additional costs if we do it this way.

Can we watch it online after the event?

Yes. The streamed video is left on Vimeo and the link will remain active indefinitely. We also leave the memorial page created for the funeral on our site for 12 months.


What do we need to do to prepare for you?

We will send you a link requesting the things we need.

How much space do you need in the venue?

We will require the space for a tripod. Approx 1.5 square metres and a nearby power supply. In some cases you may have to give up a few seats at the back.

Will you need any extra sound or lighting?

Generally we use what is there. Good audio recording is very important for high quality video. Therefore, audio set up has to be arranged and discussed prior to the filming. We provide small and discreet radio microphones for the ceremony conductor and readers.

Do you look smart and is the camera very imposing?

Yes our Camera Operators are very smart. The camera will normally be one similar to those seen by TV news crews.

How do we pay you and when?

We require full payment in advance and at the time of booking, please. We accept all major credit and debit cards and Paypal but prefer a BACS payment if possible. We will send you an invoice with information on how to pay.

Can you stream if the Crematorium service is just 30 minutes long?

Yes but we need at least 10 minutes in the room prior to the service and approx 5 minutes afterwards.


What can you film?

We can film as little or as much as you like. This can include the coffin arriving, right through to the coffin being interred and anyone speaking about the deceased at the wake.

What do we get after the funeral?

After the funeral we will send you a web link to watch/download the service. This link will be private, so only you, or people you share the link with, can view the service.

Can you not supply it on DVD?

We rarely use DVD's anymore. We can supply the film on a memory stick for an addtional cost.

We don't want grieving relatives on camera, how do you handle this?

We would normally start the filming/stream as the coffin enters the venue. Our camera is not focused on any one person. We film anyone giving speeches and the person leading the service and would then end as the coffin passes back past the camera or as the curtain closes if filming in a crematorium. We are governed by you. You let us know what you are comfortable with.

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